How to Drive Luxury Vehicles For Free

Most people want to drive a luxury vehicle, the problem is the majority of those people think they can’t afford it. Thanks to the recent changes in the economy and how people do business, a new opportunity opened up that will allow us to drive a luxury vehicle or any vehicle that we want absolutely FREE!

When you saw the title included driving a luxury car for free, you probably became skeptical. I’d like to remind you that I’m the best luxe lifestyle hacker around so hear me out.

One option to drive a luxury for free is by acquiring the vehicle you want through a lease takeover. When you take over someone else’s vehicle lease, you pick up where they left off with the term. For example, if they leased the vehicle for 36 months and are ready to swap it 18 months after they got it, you’ll only be responsible for the remaining 18 months. Instead of having to get financing approved for the full 36 months, you’ll only have to secure financing for the value of the 18 months left. For example, if the monthly lease amount is $800.00 per month, you will only need to finance $14,400. Some people may have a difficult time getting approved for traditional financing for a $80,000 car due to their income, but this financing has been hacked using this strategy! There are many sites that you can search on the internet to find a lease takeover. Two of the sites I frequently use are and

If income is not an issue and you’d rather purchase the vehicle instead of leasing, go right ahead! I am in full support of you and I’m still going to give you a way to drive that vehicle for FREE! LET’S GET IT!!!!

After you’ve acquired the luxury vehicle of your choice, I don’t want you to pay a dime for it. In fact, I don’t even want you to pay for gasoline or insurance. I’m sure you’re thinking I’m about to talk some nonsense but hear me out. If you’ve been following you know my program is all about financial responsibility. So of course, you’re going to pay what you owe and the costs of maintaining the vehicle BUT you’re going to pay with OPM=OTHER PEOPLE MONEY, not yours. I teach you to keep YOUR money in YOUR pocket (or bank).

The big car rental companies are in trouble because there’s a whole new crew in town. Us! We all now have the opportunity to get in the game. Uber and DoorDash changed the way we called for a taxicab but the launch of Turo has changed the way we rent cars. Turo is the Airbnb of cars. Individuals can now rent their cars to other individuals through a website. This is the opportunity that I want you to take advantage of with your dream car.  Instead of driving your car everyday, allow someone else to drive it a few days and charge them. I won’t get into the details on what to charge because that will vary based on geographical location and vehicle type so there is some research to do on your end. Whatever you charge make sure it can cover your monthly payment and insurance. Many people have found a way to rent their vehicle enough times during the month to make a hefty profit.

Now you have the luxury vehicle that you want and you’re not paying a dime for it.

If you try this Luxe Lifestyle hack and it works for you come back and let me know. Drop a comment or DM me @iamelizaerconner. I look forward to hearing about your luxe lifestyle hack!