My Top 4 Luxe Lifestyle Credit Cards

So, you’ve worked on your credit and now you’re ready to apply for some respectable credit cards but are wondering what the best credit cards for your Luxe Lifestyle are. Since what’s considered to be the “best” can be subjective, I’ll start right out taking my stance. What’s best is what gets me the most money! If you have gone through the Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching Program and are full force with the Luxe Lifestyle Movement, then you know we live it to the fullest and the best way to do that is with money that does not come out of our pocket.

This article will focus on what I consider to be Luxe Lifestyle credit cards with the biggest sign on bonus or perks that we would not want to pass up.

My #1 Luxe Lifestyle Credit Card is The Platinum Card® from American Express. The sign on bonus is equivalent to approximately $1500 after you gain 75,000 points plus some other point boosters. Not only is the sign on bonus generous, but the long list of membership benefits is definitely a way to live a Luxe Lifestyle in an affordable way. Some of those perks include lounge access at the airport, statement credits for Saks, monthly Uber cash allowance, fee credit for TSA, 5x points for booking through American Express Travel, Marriott Gold Status, Hilton Gold Status, and so much more! Some people may be reluctant about the $550 annual membership fee but to me it’s worth the luxury treatment I get from all of the membership benefits. 

My #2 Luxe Lifestyle Credit Card is Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express. The close to $350 sign on bonus is not much, but it’s the cash back that got me hooked. Groceries are something that I buy a lot of managing a family of 5 so getting some cashback back from what I spend on food is an easy way for me to earn a few dollars to spend on other things. The cashback on supermarket purchases is 6% which is the most I’ve ever seen. You can redeem the cashback as a statement credit. You do not have to convert it to travel or some other required category. I build the cashback I get from these purchases for my LUXE ITEM FOR ME FUND and treat myself to a FREE luxury gift for my birthday or Christmas. Other perks include 6% cashback on streaming subscriptions, 3% on transit and rideshares, and 3% on gas at U.S. gas stations.

My #3 Luxe Lifestyle Credit Card is the Apple Card by Goldman Sachs. This card gives cash back daily and it’s directly deposited to your Apple Cash Card for immediate use. You don’t have to choose a category, track or change anything. As I stated earlier, best could be subjective and since Walgreens is my #1 store to save my family thousands of dollars a year by couponing, the 3% daily cashback perk at this store grabbed my attention. I’ve also managed a way to combine this card’s 2% benefit for using Apple Pay, with Shell Gas Station Fuel Rewards program and the T-Mobile Tuesday promotion to get an extra 15 cents off per gallon of gas. If by chance, I need gas on a day other than Tuesday, I would just stop by a Mobile Gas Station to get 3% daily cash back. Because I think all my luxury handbags should be free or worse case, half off, I save all of the cash back I earn for a year to combine it for use with my #4 card, which I’ll tell you about next.

My #4 Luxe Lifestyle Credit Card is the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa®. Simplicity and money in my pocket at it’s best! This card gives a 1.5% cashback on anything you purchase from anywhere at any time. In addition, the low interest rate (mine was 0% for 15 months introductory), $150 cash rewards bonus when you spend $500 during the first 3 months, and additional 1.8% cashback on purchases when you use a mobile payment during the first year. The cashback posts to monthly and you can redeem it for a Visa gift card to buy anything you want. This is another card that I allow the cashback to add up for a one-year period to get an item on my luxe wish list for FREE.

To maximize my rewards and control my spending, those are the 4 cards that I use on a daily basis with my planned spending. I’ve done many travel hacks with the American Express travel benefits which allow my family of 5 to travel free or for very little. The Apple Card and the Wells Fargo card both allow me to reward myself for being a hardworking, dedicated Mompreneur and Wife with luxury gifts without spending a dime. When you work me for 6 months privately one on one you will learn many lifestyle hacks to live a Luxe Lifestyle the Affordable Way. Reach out to me and let’s start building your luxe lifestyle strategies.