Work With Me One on One

6- Month Coaching That’ll Transform Your Finances & Lifestyle



Work With Me One on One

6- Month Coaching That’ll Transform Your Finances & Lifestyle

Imagine Living A Life

FREE of financial worry, stress, and overwhelm.

You Deserve To LIVE your

Dream Luxe Lifestyle

A LUXE lifestyle is NOT about spending more than you can afford. It’s also not about going broke trying to impress other people. It’s about having the LUXURY to do what YOU want, when YOU want. It’s about having the freedom to enjoy meaningful experiences with people you care about without worrying and stressing about if you have the means to afford it OR going broke to attain it.

What if you no longer had to worry about these things ever again

  • Not having enough money in the bank to live the life you want
  • Having limiting beliefs and negative mindset about money
  • Having bad credit that prevents you from living where you want or buying what you want
  • Having the means to be able to afford to go on fun trips and vacations (anytime, anywhere)
  • Feeling swallowed up by bad debt (and having no clue to how you’re gonna get out of it)
  • Having little to no money after paying your bills and living expenses
  • Having little to no money in savings or investments

      Guess what!? The Luxe Lifestyle Financial Coaching Program Solves these problems.

      Today, You Can Start Making Your Financial & Dream Lifestyle A Reality

      The Luxe Lifestyle Financial program is my signature 1 on 1 private coaching program designed to help you start living your luxe lifestyle, the affordable way. If you’re looking for some hands-on support, accountability, and step-by-step guidance...this is for you.

      Listen, you really can live a fun and amazing lifestyle without breaking the bank. All it takes is education. Many people just don’t know what they don’t know. But, I don’t wanna just show you how to live a luxe life, affordably... I wanna show you how to take your personal finances to the next level while doing it. That’s why I created this coaching program, to help you go from being financially stuck to financially free (all while living it up!)

      If this sounds like something you’re looking for, keep reading.

      you will get:


      A Private VIP Day (In-person or virtually) -

      Whether you join me in-person at the office OR we meet on video, online...our time together is designed to learn about your personal lifestyle and financial goals, and create a personalized plan to make it happen. This is the foundation to us working together.

      (12) Bi-weekly One on One Coaching Calls -

      You and I will jump on a 1 hour video call every two weeks. These calls are meant for step-by-step advice, support, and accountability. Get ready to get coached on everything money mindset, money management, credit, and lifestyle design. I have your back!

      VIP Communication -

      One of the biggest perks of private 1 on1 coaching with me is your access to me. In between our bi-weekly coaching calls, you can send me emails and private messages to get feedback, guidance, and all of your questions answered.

      Done For You Credit Restoration -

      Having great credit is the key to achieving the lifestyle you want. You’re gonna go through my premier credit repair program so that you'll get to experience the perks and rewards of having good credit (like free travel).

      Customized Step-By-Step Lifestyle & Financial Plans -

      It’s hard to achieve your goal without a plan. I’ve made the process of achieving your luxe lifestyle and financial goals that much more simple, by creating custom step-by-step plans unique to you. These will be the plans that you’ll execute over the next 6 months with support.

      By the end of our coaching together, you will have accomplished:

      Money Mindset

      you will...

      • Unlearn all the limiting beliefs and scarcity you have around money
      • Create a strong, healthy, and positive relationship with money
      • Feel confident, fearless, and in control with your money
      • Feel good about knowing your numbers and how to grow your LUXE lifestyle and finances

          Money Management

          you will...

          • Have financial goal setting, tracking and accountability
          • Learn the step-by-step approach to keeping and growing your money
          • Have a new personalized Lifestyle Plan, in which I help you set up new bank accounts, that certain funds will be allocated to each month to help you get ahead in the short and long term
          • Have a personalized Debt Attack Plan, and start paying off your debt
          • Know how to easily track and manage your spending
          • Know how to easily save and/or invest your money

              Lifestyle Design

              you will...

              • Have crystal clear lifestyle goals and a defined plan to help you achieve those goals
              • Achieve your lifestyle goals and experiences one-by-one without breaking the bank or going broke
              • Have a strategy in place to effortlessly allocate FUNds into your ‘fun’ account

                  Credit Mastery

                  you will...

                  • Have an improved credit score thru my done-for-you credit improvement program
                  • Know the credit hacks to getting lifestyle perks and traveling for FREE thru credit
                  • Learn everything you need to know about maintaining and growing your credit score
                  • Know the playbook to eventually getting to the 800+ credit score milestone so that you will never have to pay high interest rates OR be turned down for getting the car or home you want

                      My credit score went from the 500’s to over 700...

                      “Eliza is one of the greatest people I’ve worked with! Through her coaching I was able to save, build my credit and purchase a home at age 22 for me and my daughter.

                      I became more knowledgeable about how to make my credit work for me and stay out of debt. If she didn't educate me on money like she did I wouldn't have got this far or known anything about credit! My credit score went from the 500’s to over 700, I own property and I got money in the bank!”


                      This Is NOT For You If:

                      • You don’t want to transform your life and finances
                      • You don’t want to change your financial situation
                      • You want to stay broke and financially poor
                      • You don’t want to live life to the fullest
                      • You want to stay in debt
                      • You want to have bad credit
                      • You don’t want to invest in yourself
                      • You’re not committed
                      • You’re not coachable
                      • You’re not an action taker

                          This Is For You If:

                          • You’re ready to transform your lifestyle and personal finances
                          • You’re ready to be confident and feel in control with your finances
                          • You’re ready to take your finances seriously and increase your bank account
                          • You’re ready to start living your dream lifestyle
                          • You’re ready to have bankroll in your savings & investment accounts
                          • You’re ready to get out of bad debt
                          • You’re ready to have great credit
                          • You’re ready to take action
                          • You’re ready to be coached
                          • You’re ready to commit to taking your life and finances to the next level

                              Financial Coaching Program options that are unique to you!

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